Board of Advisers

The Henry Parkes Foundation has been established as a charitable trust (tax deductability reference no. DGR:475061), with three Trustees under the direction of a Board of Advisers consisting of between seven and nine people.

The 2019 Board of Advisers comprises:

Mr Ian Thom, company director, Parkes family (Chair, Hon. Treasurer)

Mr Graham Spindler, retired Parliamentary Education and Community Relations Manager, Parliament of NSW (Deputy Chair)

Emeritus Professor Peter Webber, architect and planner; Parkes family (Deputy Chair)

Mrs Dianne Barnes, educational adviser

Ms Catherine Gray, writer and editor, Parkes family (Hon. Secretary)

Mr Greig Tillotson, retired Parliamentary Librarian, Parliament of NSW

Ms Gillian Webber, grants officer, Parkes family


Mr Neil Hartley, Ms Catherine Gray, Mr Graham Spindler

Hon Consultants:

Helen Irving, Professor of Law, University of Sydney; Hon. Neal Blewett, academic and former Federal MP

Hon. Auditor: Shane Chadwick, Boroughs Assurance

We acknowledge the contribution of our founder, Parkes’ great grand daughter the late Jane Gray, whose vision and spirit brought the Foundation to life, and who served as Honorary Secretary 1999-2014.

The Foundation also acknowledges the invaluable contribution of its founding chair, historian and author the late Professor Brian Fletcher, and the assistance of its first patron, the late Hon. Gordon Samuels AC, Governor of NSW 1996–2001, as well as the help of Perpetual Trustees during its establishment, and support over many years from Mr Bill Gibbins (formerly FCL Interstate Transport Services Pty Ltd).