2019 Oration

Safeguarding our democracy

On the 130th anniversary of Parkes’ Tenterfield Address, Professor AJ Brown presents a seven-point plan for restoring public confidence in Commonwealth whistleblower protection

2pm, Saturday 26 October 2019
Sir Henry Parkes Memorial School of Arts, Tenterfield NSW



AJ Brown delivers the 2019 Henry Parkes Oration

Professor AJ Brown speaks in the historic Tenterfield School of Arts – a museum and memorial to Henry Parkes and his famous Federation speech

With recent events revealing confused and inconsistent policy and lawmaking in this area, we must act to strengthen Australia’s national systems of public integrity and accountability.

This is not simply for the sake of press freedom, nor even for the sake of justice for everyday workers and officials. It is vital to safeguarding the future of Australian democracy.

Professor A J Brown is the leader of the public integrity and anti-corruption research program at Griffith University’s Centre for Governance & Public Policy.

A 25-year veteran of developments in Australia’s integrity systems, Professor Brown has been a board member of Transparency International Australia since 2010, and was elected to the global board of the world anti-corruption organisation in October 2017.

He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law, member of the Commonwealth Government’s Expert Advisory Panel on Whistleblower Protection, and project leader of Australia’s second national integrity system assessment.

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