Sir Henry Parkes

Life and achievements: His vision, his life, some achievements of Parkes and his five governments (compiled by the Foundation for the first Primary School Convention in 1999).

Biographical notes by Dr Allan Martin, and Professor Brian Fletcher.

Parkes the politician: Speech by Dr Helen Irving at the launch of the Henry Parkes Foundation: ‘The crimson thread of kinship’

  • On women’s suffrage: For International Women’s Day 2017, a report on Parkes’ views on votes for women published in 1892. “It was, he said, a healthy sign that among women themselves, and not confined to any particular class, there was a far-spreading belief that she was entitled to political equality with man, and that human society would be all the better for that equality.”

Parkes and Federation: Speech by the Hon. Bob Carr, Tenterfield NSW, October 1999

Parkes and Tenterfield: Speech by Foundation adviser Ian Thom, Tenterfield NSW, October 1999

In his own words… : Extracts from writings and speeches by Sir Henry Parkes